Monday, April 1, 2013

Silly Rabbit, Trix are for 27 Year Old Childless Women...

My name is Jennifer and I am addicted to cereals with cartoon characters on the front.  I love them and cannot get enough of them.  Sometimes instead of having a delicious dinner, I crave a giant bowl of Captain Crunch.  I am legitimately coocoo for Cocoa Puffs.   So here is my dilemma.  When I go to the grocery store and saunter down the cereal aisle, I know I should buy the boring Shredded Wheat or Raisin Bran, but I find myself lingering over by the giant boxes of Lucky Charms and Trix.  How can I, a grown woman with no children, buy something that comes with puzzles on the back and a free toy?  I cannot wait to have children.  Yes, for the joy of discovering motherhood, but largely in part for the freedom to buy my sugary cereal.  

I have found a solution to answer my cereal cravings.  I was at our local favorite place Coppa for brunch a while back and they had a drink called cereal milk.  I was intrigued especially when the waiter described it as tasting like the milk leftover from a giant bowl of fruit loops.  This man was a man after my own heart.  So here I have something for all you kids at heart out there, sans children, who dream of eating sugary cereal.  Here is the best of both worlds - a grown up cereal with booze!  Try this at home for your next brunch!

Cereal Milk Cocktail

2 oz Loopy Vodka
2 oz Orange Juice
1 oz sweetened condensed milk

Combine ingredients in a shaker and shake over ice.  Strain out ice and serve in a martini glass.  

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