Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Italian Wedding Soup- Jen's Savory Summary

Maggie a few years ago
As many of you know, I am a big fan of soup.  My soup eating days are coming to close this year with summer approaching, so I was so happy that Joanne featured a soup this week.  I love Italian wedding soup, the little meatballs and the super flavorful broth, yum!!  Also, I learned this weekend that this is my little niece Maggie's favorite soup.  That little girl and I have so many things in common!!  One other big surprise with this recipe was how darn easy it was.  I made it last night since we were gone until late on Sunday evening.  

All the ingredients 
I did not want to cook last night at all.  I was dreading cooking because I was so tired and had a mountain of homework to tackle.  However, surprise, this was super easy.  So easy that I even just bought the ingredients yesterday as well.  A few problems with my recipe.  One, no beef.  The selection at my local food store was looking dodgy so I stuck with a solo pork meatball.  Two, no escarole.  There probably was escarole in my grocery store but I don't know what it looks like.  Also, Foodies (that's the name of my grocery store) does not like it when you ask where something is, so I quietly grabbed a bag of spinach and thought what the hell it should work.

Meatballs ready for their bath
The meatballs were so easy to make.  The one weird part was the grated onion.  I have never grated an onion and grating an onion is basically asking for puffy teared stained face.  It was like juicing an onion and the juice was spraying everywhere.  I was a freaking mess, sniffy faced, tear stained cheeks, but I was able to grate that onion.  The soup assembly was even easier.  Simply, boil broth.   I was a bit nervous just having a low sodium broth for the soup.  I really thought it was going to lack flavor.  However, once you added the meatballs, spinach, and the egg mixture it was so flavorful   I also added some small pasta, orzo, to the soup to beef it up.  

I hope everyone enjoyed this soup as much as I did, I certainly have enough leftovers to enjoy this soup for the rest of soup season!

Finished Soup! 
Happy Cooking!

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