Monday, April 29, 2013

Early Anniversary Trip

Jess on her wedding day
Happy Monday everyone!  This weekend was our stepsister Jess's wedding and we all had an absolute blast.  It was great to get everyone back together again and dance up a storm.   Joanne and I totally ran that dance floor and my legs are still sore as proof.  It was one of those weddings you were sad to see end and we were actually pleading with the DJ to play one last song which he did.  The last song was also an amazing choice. Instead of going with the typical "Last Dance" every wedding closes with, the whole party rocked out to the Electric Slide.  This one dance had me thinking of my aunt's wedding in the early 90s when all we did was line dance. 

Interior of Torrisi

After the wedding, Jason and I went up to New York City for an early anniversary celebration. We had originally planned on going to Per Se in hopes of recreating our wedding meal, but unfortunately someone else had booked a wedding at Per Se for the night and rented out the entire restaurant. So, we decided to try Torrisi, a new age Italian restaurant in Little Italy.  It's a very tiny restaurant, itty bitty with maybe seven tables. 

Getting a reservation was quite a feat, but we did it.  We landed a prime table at 7:45PM on Saturday night.  When we first went in we sat at the window bar and who walks in but my Top Chef girl crush, Gail Simmons.  I totally nerded out, did a double take a yelled "I know you!".  After I gushed about how big of a fan I was and told her she was beautiful, I quietly went back to my table.  

You would think my rockstar evening would be over than, but no.  I started chatting with the older couple next to us while Jason was in the bathroom because I can't not chat for even a minute.  It turns out the lady sitting next to me with the extreme restaurant knowledge was the COO/CFO of the James Beard Foundation.  My jaw dropped.  I was in food heaven, especially when she told me to come to the James Beard house for a private dinner.  By the way, the food was pretty amazing too...  

Our menu at Torrisi

One year later
Sunday morning, we had to trek up to our wedding location.  We were staying in SoHo and we were married on the Upper West Side.  So, we ran the reservoir and down to the bow bridge, where we were married.  We took an obligatory picture.  I have a dream of recreating our wedding picture every year. Maybe next year it won't be as sweaty.....  

Our Wedding Photo 5.19.12

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