Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baked Beans- Jen's Savory Summary

You don't need this
secret for good beans!
Hi Everyone out there!  This past Sunday was a bit hectic for Jason and I.  Not only are we in crunch time to get in shape for a vacation coming up, but finals are also around the corner.  Our Sunday started making Joanne's protein pancakes (so delicious!) and a three hour trip to the gym.  I could barely move after.  Next, my afternoon was spent sitting the library writing a paper for my finance class.  Not finished by the way and due at 7:40PM.  One would say I'm quite a procrastinator.  Anyway, I was very thankful this recipe only took about an hour to cook, thank you canned beans.  However, I did have a pork shoulder slow roasting all day to have with it.  

All the ingredients
I assembled all my ingredients when I got back from the library, and boy was that a lot of ingredients.  It was a pretty basic recipe, cook up some bacon, eat some bacon straight out of the pan, add onions, soften, add the rest.  I don't know about you but I cannot resist freshly cooked bacon, extra crispy.  I have the burn marks on my fingertips from eating it right out the pan.  Also, I didn't discard any bacon fat, its such a sin.  I let the bacon grease go to amp up the porky goodness. 

Finished Beans! 
My beans simmered with the lid off for about an hour.  In hindsight, I should of put the lid on a half an hour in so that they didn't over reduce.  Never the less, they were still delicious.  This is one of the few Sunday's where I don't have any leftovers to speak of.  I think this recipe would be easily adaptable for a weeknight side dish since it can be completed in 15 minutes if you want.  Hope you all enjoyed as much as we did!

Happy Cooking!


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