Monday, April 22, 2013

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Jen and I both felt we needed a brief break from the blogging world in light of the events last week.  Friday was a scary day for many people, including Jen and Jason, who were part of the day-long lockdown.  Fortunately, it came to an end and Boston showed the world just how strong they are.  In the hopes of returning to some normalcy, I say onto the food... four times a year I get to travel to San Francisco for business.  In fact, I leave tomorrow for a quick out and back trip to the west coast.  While I am not dissing the other lovely travel destinations I normally go to (shout out to Atlanta), I consider this cross country trek a treat.  I especially don't mind the 6 hour flight because of the amazing food my work colleagues and I eat everytime we are out there.  It's definitely one of those business travel perks that makes a week away from David a little more bearable. 

While we've visited many restaurants on our trips out there and are already scouring the internet for the next great meal, one of my favorite spots was a San Francisco tourist destination, Boudin Bakery.  Before my visit, sourdough bread wasn't even on my favorite foods list and I love bread.  I figured I would get the sourdough bread bowl with the traditional clam chowder and let me just say it did not disappoint.  The scenery at the wharf was beautiful, the San Francisco air was crisp and the soup warmed me right up.  So although, it is a business trip this week I am looking forward to getting some great meals. 

I've included a link to a recipe for sourdough bread but no promises.  I think this may be one of those things you'll have to experience first hand!

Wish me safe travels!

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