Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Don't mess with me Chip, I'm all hopped up on coffee!

I'll get up and do my homework soon..
I very much appreciate a good strong cup of coffee.  I, at one point, may of definitely been addicted to coffee (yes, I know that statement makes no sense). Well, in recent months I have given up coffee for the somewhat healthier alternative of tea, but I can still look back fondly on my addiction.
I would say coffee is the reason I survived junior year of college.  It all started on the fateful day when my classmate brought me a cup of coffee.  It was Dunkin, not the best, but it packs a punch.  I drank it black and I hated the taste, but, damn, did it charge me up.  I was ready to go for an all nighter of kinetics homework.  Without that, I would of been fast asleep on my homework waking up with a giant drool stain and paper plastered to my face.

With traveling all around, I've learned to appreciate good coffee.  And yes, I don't really consider Dunkin good coffee since it varies so much from place to place.  At one local place it can taste delicious while the one down the road definitely tastes like dish water.  I also love cappuccinos...the frothier the better.  Also, if they can make a cute little pattern in the foam I am amazed.  I sit back and look at the perfectly crafted heart or leaf, then I devour it in one sip.  I'm not a sit back and let it cool person... I'm looking at you, Joanne, who drinks the same coffee all day and even ice cold.  I like it hot, scald your mouth hot.

I don't want to be
 that sad girl in the
background on Friday
Well, an interesting part of my job is visiting different trade shows.  Last week brought me to a water quality show...I know, exciting.  This upcoming week I get to venture to the specialty coffee association trade show.  There will be hundreds of coffee makers, growers, etc..  Not a good thing to attend when I'm just off my addiction.  However, I think I will allow myself a cheat day to enjoy the java of the world.  A major side affect will be that caffeine surge which I have missed.  I will be so FIRED UP! Stay tuned for my recap of the show on Monday!

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