Thursday, April 25, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake

To piggyback off of Jen's post on Tuesday, I thought I would share my oh so fun cake tasting and cake flavors at our wedding in November.  I think I can safely speak for David when I say the food and cake tasting was by far his favorite part.  We spent about 4 hours pouring over appetizers, entrees and, finally, cake with my parents. 

I knew I wanted a classic Swiss dot pattern with flowers on the different levels.  My caterer offered two different bakeries and after tasting both and choice was clear.  We ended up going with Cakes and Candies by Mary Ellen for her wide variety of flavors.  We settled on three tiers - one tier of pumpkin spice (this was a fall wedding), one tier of pink champagne and finally one tier of classic pound.  Although I didn't end up eating any cake (I don't know a single bride who does), it got rave reviews.  Also, it was surprisingly huge!  Definitely a focal point on the balcony overlooking our dance floor.   

I also surprised David with a groom's cake of a soccer ball with a Liverpool scarf, his favorite Premier League team.  I also went with a classic pound for this.  While I'm not sure how it tasted (I am assuming great), it was more for the sentimental value of doing something special just for him. 

I can't wait until the wedding today and of course the cake!


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