Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chopped Chinese Chicken Salad- Jen's Savory Summary

Sash say- shan tay
Hello everyone, I am so ecstatic about spring finally starting up here in Boston.  Yesterday was my first official day to use my sunroof.  So I was cruising down the pike and Ru Paul Supermodel came on (woooorrrkkkk).  All in all a perfect day today.  Let
me start by saying this is the largest salad I've ever made.  It was HUGE.  Thank god I had guests over so that I could unload some salad on them.  Also, this weekend I brought back the Korean short ribs...sooo good.  Anyway, the ingredients for this were so simple and easy to find.  I went to Whole Foods and bought all of it with no problems.  Also, I opted to add a little carrot to mine to spice up the color even more.  

That's alot of salad
So let's start with the chicken, I was disappointed - not going to lie.  I marinated those tenders for an hour and there was no flavor.  Also, the texture was a bit rubbery.  Definitely not for me.  Next time I'd grill them on my nifty grill pan.  Next, came the chopping and there was a lot of chopping.  I also skinned my cucumbers and took all the seeds out.  I find it makes the salad less watery.  I definitely recommend this.  Lastly, the dressing...so good!  I was a bit taken a back by the lack of vinegar, however, the soy sauce packed a punch.  Also, the addition of the peanut butter reminded me a bit of the peanut sauce you get with satay. All in all, this was quite a delicious little salad to add to my diet arsenal. 
Finished Salad! 

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