Monday, April 15, 2013

Marathon Monday

Boston Marathon Finish Line
I don't know about you, but whenever I hear the term marathon, I first think of a never ending block of episodes of my favorite TV shows.  Who wouldn't love to have a nice afternoon zoning out in front of the boob tube with some Golden Girls.  Well in Massachusetts today is a big holiday.  I know most of your are thinking oh, tax day, not really what I would think of as a holiday, but today is Marathon Monday, or if you want the official name, Patriots' Day.  

Us at the finish line of
the Broad Street Run 
Marathon Monday is the day of the Boston Marathon.  The city is almost electrified all day but, since I don't have off, the only electricity I felt was the detour on the way to work since I live near the finish line.  I do not consider myself a runner...not by any stretch of the imagination. Sure, I've done many 5K races.  I've even dabbled in a few triathlons   However, my theory when it comes to running is 'it's starting to hurt. I'll just stop now'.  Joanne and Katie on the other hand are running obsessed.  Only these two crazy girls would take a nice relaxing five mile run.  YES, five miles.  Sure, so relaxing.  Every year these girls do the Broad Street Run, a very popular race in the Philadelphia area.  When I lived in the area I would go down and cheer them on, amazed in their ability to finish it.  Every year I always get the 'Jen you should sign up for the race with us!'.  Well, sisters, I've set a goal. I will doing the Broad Street Run next year.  Maybe it's all this Marathon Monday electricity I'm feeling from the inside of my cubicle.  But, I'm starting to get a running itch.  

I think I should start training now....

Happy Running Marathoners!

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