Friday, February 22, 2013

World's Healthiest Food

Have I got your attention?  Here is a delicious tasty food that nutritionists tote as being super healthy, calorie BURNING and chock full of vitamins.  You want some?  Well this food is so popular in Korea that they serve it with every meal of the day.  What I'm talking about is kimchi. Yes, kimchi.  What is that you say?  Its a spicy pickled delicious cabbage and radish mixture.  If you prefer it not spicy, I would follow the First Lady's recipe found below.  Hers is an "Americanized" version lacking some spice but still has some delicious tangy and slightly spicy attributes.  Here is a traditional recipe. Or you can do what most Koreans do: buy it by the jar full for a super low price.  It can be found in American food stores in the Asian section or at your local Asian grocery store.  

I hope you enjoy this Korean treat!  

Mrs. O's Kimchi recipe

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