Monday, February 11, 2013

Snowy Saturday Bake-Off

Finished cupcakes!
On Saturday morning, David and I woke up to a snow covered landscape.  No, it wasn't as significant as Jen's 34 inches in Boston but snow covered the ground nevertheless.  As I previously mentioned I absolutely hate the winter and prefer to hibernate all winter long.  In celebration of my hibernation, I thought I would spend my freezing cold Saturday night warming up the house with some baked goods.  Besides, you need a few sweet things around the house for the week of Valentine's Day!  
Adorable Favors!

I had the perfect cupcake mixes too compliments of my wonderful bridesmaids.  In August, my nine bridesmaids threw an amazing baking themed shower.  There were cupcake towers, everyone contributed their favorite recipes, plates to sign and as the favor mini cupcake mixes were given out.  Each cupcake mix was a different flavor: chocolate, vanilla, champagne or red velvet.  Since I had plenty of champagne on hand and didn't mind opening a bottle to sip while baking anyway, I decided to give the champagne flavor a try.  Also, since I wanted to make a cake as well, I used the red velvet in honor of Valentine's Day.  

Finished product cake on signed plate from my shower =)
The cupcake mixes were very easy only requiring a few additional ingredients of buttermilk, canola oil and champagne.  Since I had just made cornbread the week before, I had buttermilk in the fridge.  Buttermilk, usually unfortunately but fortunately in this case, is only sold in a large carton.  I think the buttermilk people know this and purposely do this since how much buttermilk does any one person really use.  But anyway, this time I actually used the entire carton in 2 weeks, a first for sure.  After making a dozen and a half cupcakes and a heart shaped cake (what Jen has in useless kitchen supplies, I have in useless baking supplies), I decided to let them cool overnight before icing them.  

Although only 15 cupcakes made it through the night (I'm looking at you David), I decided to make my Grandmom's homemade buttercream icing to finish my baking project.  It is your basic powdered sugar, butter, vanilla extract and milk recipe but always reminds me of her since many a bunt cake were covered with it during my childhood.  I decided to forgo the messy mixer process and hand mix the icing.  Surprisingly this was so simple especially since I completely softened my butter to room temperature.  

Sunday night we had my in-laws over for dinner and the paella (review tomorrow) and the cupcakes were a hit!  A little too good in fact... thank God I am starting a bootcamp tomorrow!

Happy Eating!

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