Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jen's Savory Summary - Seafood Paella

Ethel didn't mind
 the snow drifts
Inside of
Ming's Grocery Store
I'm sorry to disappoint you so early in the morning, but I did not make the paella.  I have just finally dug my car out of the mess of the Blizzard.  This was not a good year to trade in my Equinox for a little Mini Cooper.  I had high hopes of making the paella this week.  I even bought the special bomba rice and the expensive saffron threads.  I left buying the seafood until Sunday so I could ensure it was super fresh. Well, on Sunday after the roads were finally opened and the subway slowly started to return to service, all local food stores were ransacked with one exception: my trusty Ming's Asian Grocery store.  I thought I'd pop in there see what they had to offer thinking they must have shellfish.  Well, they did have shellfish but nothing I recognized.  I swear this entire store is like the set of fear factor. Gobble down some pork tongue for the low low price of $2.  How about some pig bum  (you think they would try to make the name more appealing).  The one thing that really freaked me out was the cardboard box full of live eels.  Yes, I said live eels.  One even popped its head out to say hello when I was taking that picture.  

Box of Eels 
I left Ming's very discouraged and settled into the fact that there was no paella in my future.  Instead, I resorted to my clean out the fridge technique of cooking.  I had some creme fraiche, feta, spinach, ground beef, and English muffins.  I figured I could make a fancy pizza bagel out of this.  I took the creme fraiche and mixed my trusty za'tar into it to bring out some middle eastern flavors.  Next I sauteed up that ground beef.  Then I started to stack it on the English muffins.  Poof, grown up pizza bagels.  I sauteed a little potatoes on the side and I had a pretty good fridge cleaning out meal.
Grown up Pizza Bagels

I hope all of you enjoyed your paella, please send me leftovers!  Look for Joanne's post where she made an absolutely delicious paella.  I guess I'll just have to wait until June.  Now what else can I use these saffron threads for.... 


Here are some more pictures of the interesting items I found in Ming's

Dorian, a very
 stinky fruit

Pork Bum
Pile of Fish heads

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