Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Joanne's Savory Summary - Pork and Peaches

So as I shared when posting this recipe, I was rather nervous putting this together.  This wasn't just a fond childhood dish of David's but the absolute favorite dish he's had ever made by none other than his mom.  Not exactly your everyday kitchen challenge.  But I had been meaning to give it a whirl so I figured no better time than Valentine's Day weekend when hopefully he was feeling some extra love. 

I made him walk around the entire food store with me in preparation of this meal to make sure I got the ingredients just right.  I even made him call his mom to distinguish between cornflour and corn starch.  Turns out, same thing.  One snafu was that I assumed white wine vinegar was used instead of red wine vinegar.  After a slight panic attack on David's part when he realized the mishap, we moved on and hoped it wouldn't make such a horrible difference.  

I cut the pork down to cubes which was critiqued by David who went on to cut them into smaller pieces.  He's a little picky about this dish to say the least.  I then quickly added the ingredients and left the dish to simmer for the recommended hour.  As it was cooking David reassured me by saying it smelled correctly so I figured so far so good.  With about 20 minutes left to go, I put on the rice so everything would be finished at the same time.  After an hour I thickened the sauce with the corn starch and added the peaches to have them cook through.

David said it was a respectful first attempt and I did a really great job.  Judging by his clean plate and the leftovers taken to work, I trust his response was genuine.  Given this huge undertaking, I would consider my first attempt a success!  Hopefully with another 30 years of experience under my belt, I can come close to making this dish perfectly.  Until then we have plenty of  time to try.  

 Happy cooking!

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