Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jen's Savory Summary - Pork and Peaches

My "brown sugar"
For all those of you who had off yesterday, welcome back from the long weekend.  I, being one of them, had my Sunday Supper on Monday night.  I was very excited to try this recipe.  I'm a big fan of putting fruits into savory dishes.  I love pork tacos with pineapple on top or some duck with a tart cherry sauce, so this was right up my alley.  I was also very surprised to find out I had most of the ingredients for this already with the exception of the brown sugar.  I had to do a little browsing around the interwebs to find a quick solution and thank you Pinterest for the quick fix. Who knew that brown sugar was just molasses and sugar mixed together.

Mise en place
What I liked most about the preparation of this dish was that it gave me a lot of down time.  If you get everything all prepped for that hour that its simmering you can just relax, clean up, or do what I did, have a nice big glass of wine.  One thing I would like to note, I didn't drain the pan after browning the pork.  I think its a sin to put pork fat to waste.  Another thing I would of done differently, is not chosen such a lean piece of pork.  A good bone in pork chop with a little fat would of made mine even more juicy.  Regardless, the pork was so tender and the peach juice and peach pieces added a nice tart contrast.  I served mine with sweet potatoes and some brussel sprouts.  The pork sauce mixed in with the sweet potatoes and made it taste like the delicious candied yams you get at Thanksgiving.
Dinners Ready!
 (with steam still coming off the pork...)
One other thing to note this week, not related to food at all.  Our little sister, who I officially loathe, was in Paris for the weekend.  Katie I hope you had lots of fun!  Please put up pictures so your boring older sisters can live vicariously through you!  Hope you had some macaroons for me!  

Happy Eating!!

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