Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fax Me!

My Addiction
I have an addiction and I feel the first step to fixing this is admitting I have a problem.  I am addicted to conversation hearts.  I know what you are thinking, those things really aren't food.  They are small heart shaped things that taste like chalk.  Well that's at least that's what my husband says.  But, I can't get enough of them.  I think this is a relatively minor addiction since you can only get them for about two months out of the year.  And no I don't stock up on them in February.  I would love to but, unfortunately, my city cabinet space limits that possibility.  I only buy one brand, because really there is only one brand.  Necco sweethearts are the best there is.  And in case you didn't know, they have changed their flavors recently. They no longer offer the super sweet, highly artificial kinds of years past. Now, it's a tart, more natural candy (if there is such a thing) with more vibrant colors. There is even a blue conversation heart now!

Some other things have changed a lot over the years as well.  Did you know they have themes for their sayings on the hearts each year? While there will always be the classic Be Mine heart, this year features 'Tweet Me!' and 'Facebook Me!'.  I found a great list of the past 10 years of conversation heart history.  Here is a snippet of how the sayings have changed over time.

Zack Morris- "Time Out!"
Back in 1998, Necco started to feature their "High Tech" hearts, this is where the sayings 'Page Me', 'Fax Me', and my favorite 'Be My Icon' came from. It's safe to say, there aren't any more 'Page Me' hearts.  1999 was called Now and Then, featuring old song titles, such as I Got U Babe and Let It Be.   The millennium tried to put the number 2000 on every heart: 2000 kisses, 2000 hugs, etc.  They also featured a peace symbol heart and one with the phrase 'Time Out'.

Here's a quick run down of the next few years and their featured sayings:

2008 Conversation Hearts
  • 2001, Limitless Love- 'Odyssey' 'Moon Beam' and 'Venus'
  • 2002, Fashion Forward- 'Vogue', 'Tres Chic', and 'Diva'
  • 2003, Love Lessons- 'Let's Read', 'Whiz Kid' and 'Teach Me'
  • 2004, Happily Ever After- 'I Love You', 'Love', and 'Start Now'
  • 2005, The Game of Love- 'Cheer Me', 'Be My Hero', and 'Be a Sport'
  • 2006, Home & Family- 'Home Sweet Home', 'Home Sick', and 'House Party'
  • 2007, Animal Attraction- 'Cool Cat', 'Puppy Love', and 'Bear Hug' 
  • 2008, Love's in the Forecast- 'In A Fog', 'Chill Out', and 'Get My Drift'
  • 2009, Menu of Love- 'Recipe 4 Love', 'Table 4 Two', and 'Top Chef'
I don't know about you but 2004 was a pretty intense year for grade schoolers handing out conversation hearts.  I hope you enjoy your conversation hearts this year and hopefully now you will notice those little sayings you see on your favorite seasonal candy.  Also, don't forget to Tweet Me!  

~ Jen

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