Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Korean Short Ribs- Jen's Savory Summary

"Serenading" the
 Short Ribs
I'm going to apologize in advance for my giant mishmash of Asian cuisine  I went a little over board at Ming's Asian grocery store.  I want to start by saying that Jason said this was his favorite Sunday Supper thus far and he already wants to have me make it again.  I would happily oblige since it was so darn easy. This was the perfect Sunday Supper: make up the marinade, pour over the short ribs, take a nap, wake up, putt around a bit, then pop them under the broiler.   

Ready to go into the oven!
The marinade was so easy to make up.  I had my backseat chef, Jason, in the kitchen.  "Pears really?"  "That goes with that?"  Anyway, I pumped up the ginger. I'm a ginger addict.  I'm one of the few people who actually enjoy ginger ale in times when I don't have a stomach ache.  I marinated my short ribs for 4 hrs.  I can't imagine how more amped up the flavor would of been if I would of done it over night.  

Since I don't have a grill I lined up my short ribs on a grate over a cookie sheet to pop under the broiler.  I had the rack placed at the highest level in oven and I turned the broiler on high.  I also made sure to have the broiler going for five minutes prior to putting the short ribs in the oven.  I did this to prevent baking the ribs and not getting a good sear.  I cooked them for three and a half minutes per side.  This resulted in a medium well done short rib. 

Completed Short Ribs! 
I served them with some sticky rice and carrots, I know carrots don't really seem to go but Jason insisted.  The man loves carrots.  Also, for dessert I made some mango sticky rice, my favorite dessert from when we were in Thailand for our honeymoon.  I have a feeling we will be having this a lot since the smallest bag of sticky rice I could buy at Ming's was 12 lbs.  

Mango Sticky Rice! 

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