Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day!

I, like many other New Englanders, are bracing for Winter Storm Nemo to come!  I think we can all agree Nemo is a terrible name for a storm.  In preparation, I have done all my important shopping.  While I don't have a shovel, I do have plenty of delicious cheese and wine to last through the weekend (priorities people).  So in celebration of the arrival of Nemo, I wanted to share my favorite blizzard moment. 

I've been through many a blizzard back when they did not refer to them as Pixar characters but were more associated with the year.  I still remember the news: "Here comes the Blizzard of 96!"  Blizzard of 96 was an epic event in the eyes of a 10 year old.  We had a whole week off from school!  My cousin Mike even built a big igloo in his front yard.  This was in the days where all of my family lived in the same neighborhood, Village Green.  Truly, at one time I had 7 of my 14 cousins in my one neighborhood.  We could easily walk to each others houses which was amazing to grow up with.  We would go sledding at the "ditch" which was basically a giant retention basin in the front of the neighborhood.  

I still remember my parents going out every few hours to clean off the driveway trying to stay ahead of snow.  We did not have a snow blower that year, but we bought one after this blizzard only to have it sit in the garage for a few years collecting dust.  I'm sure all the adults saw this blizzard as a giant nuisance but I remember it as the magical time that I didn't have to go to school for a week!  

Here's to making many more blizzard memories.  I'm sure Nemo will create many for us! Our snow dog is definitely very excited for the snow to come!  

Also, one last note... I am STILL going to Blizzard Bash tonight.  I'll be sure to post tons of pictures on twitter of the snow craziness getting there!!  Joanne won't be able to make it because of the airports closing.  I will post later about Joanne and her weather curse another day.  It's real.

If you live in the northeast, here is a great recipe for some hot chocolate, because what's a blizzard without hot chocolate.  


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