Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Joanne's Savory Summary - Korean Short Ribs

First off I apologize for my late post!  I had planned on posting Monday night but Monday became Tuesday morning followed by Tuesday evening.  Tuesday evening threw us a bit of a hiccup with David getting in a minor car accident which proved to be more time consuming than anything else (thank God).  So anyway enough of that and onto the supper.  And what a great supper it turned out to be! 

Since I figured my food store wouldn't have the correctly cut short ribs, I hit up the meat department looking for skirt steak, Jen's suggested alternative.  I found a 1 lb. skirt steak and a 1 lb. package of boneless short ribs and decided what the heck, I would give them both a try.  I opted to lower the total amount of beef since there's only two of us and we're not huge beef eaters to begin with.  The marinade was very easy to make.  Like Jen I also amped up the ginger since I am a huge fan too.  It smelled simply delightful.  Since I don't own a food processor (I know.  The horror!) I used my blender.  This proved to be a useful and effective alternative. 

Next, I cut my various cuts of beef into roughly 1 inch strips and covered them with the aromatic marinade.  I let that chill in the refrigerator for four hours while David and I went shopping.  The interim shopping trip alone ranks this as one of my favorite meal preps.  We returned, purchases in tow, and decided we would have an early dinner before the Oscars.  While the meat marinade mixture returned to room temperature, I started my rice and cut up my red pepper.  Since it was chilly and windy outside I decided to forgo using the grill and try out my new broiler instead. 

I put my broiler on high and let that eat up for a few minutes.  I used an oven safe griddle pan and spaced the beef evenly.  The beef cooked for about 5 minutes before I removed the pan and flipped the meat to cook for another 4 to 5 minutes.  Although the beef was still a bit pink, it was flavorful and delicious.  David and I used romaine lettuce leaves to eat the beef with.  David coated his lettuce with rice, some hot red peppers and leftover sauce from the griddle pan.  He went back for seconds, then thirds and finally brought some the next day as well!

This meal was absolutely delicious.  I agree with Jen that I can only imagine how flavorful the meat would have been had I let it marinate overnight.  Definitely something to try for next time!  And oh yes there will be a next time.  David will make sure of it!

Happy cooking!

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