Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fishy Fishy

Fishy Fishy
I'm sure many of you out there have been hearing the never ending saga of horse meat.  My first question is are you really eating those Swedish meatballs at Ikea?  And if so, maybe you should just stop eating them horse meat scandal aside.  My MO in Ikea is to get in there, get my bookshelves and get out.  The endless maze passing the meatballs is unavoidable but the term Swedish meatballs doesn't really reel me in.  

McDonald's Square Fish
One other article came out in the wake of this meat labeling scandal: the mislabeling of fish.  Apparently there is quite a scandal concerning the labeling of fish where local vernacular cannot be used to label a fish.  I've attached a great informational article from the Huffington Post about this scandal.  Take what you will from it, but I see it as problem blown way out of proportion.  For all you Catholics out there, this is a big time for fish.  Every Friday, many of us are flocking to Micky Dee's for a filet o fish.  Why isn't anyone asking the question of where this fast food giant gets its square shaped fish patty?  We are not demanding to know what is contained in this sandwich. Also, now with their fish McBites, what is in there exactly?  No one seems to be talking about these issues though.   

Duxbury- Island Creek Oysters
My theory when it comes to most things is to buy local.  If you support your local fisherman or farms you know where its coming from and you boost your local economy as well.  Win/win.  I am a self proclaimed oyster-holic.  Where do I get these fine delicacies of the sea?  From right where they are "grown".  I drive my little mini down to Duxbury and pay wholesale to the men that pulling them out of the bay.  You have never tasted anything so fresh.  For Thanksgiving this past year, my first ever Thanksgiving, I got my turkey from a local farm in New Hampshire. They asked if i wanted a before picture and I politely declined.  So in conclusion to settle the meat and fish debacle, I offer a simple solution.  Please everyone support your local farmers, fisherman and butchers.  You will be rewarded with amazing quality and an extremely knowledgeable person who is selling you these products.   

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