Friday, February 15, 2013

Snack Time!

snack timeTo piggyback off my rank last week about eating real food, I wanted to touch on something as important and monumental as snack time.  I wish I was a three square meals a day type of girl.  I really do but I'm just not.  The truth is I get hungry and look for something to nibble around 10:30am and 3:30pm everyday like clockwork.  Most times I am prepared with a string cheese or a yogurt but every once in awhile truth be told I need something with some crunch.  Unfortunately most crunchy snacks are either largely fake food and ridiculously bad for you.  And a girl can only eat so many almonds.  

Credit: Cupcakes & Cashmere
So whenever I'm in my mood to be bad at snack time my weakness is cheez-its.  I don't think there is one legitimate cheese product in a cheez-it but I have eaten them since I was young.  My grandmom would get the BIG cheez-its which were covered in delicious salt.  I would eat them by the fist full.  The saying ignorance is bliss never rang truer because now I feel instantly guilty whenever I indulge.  I know immediately I've done nothing nutritionally for myself and feel like garbage overall.

Well I was pleasantly surprised to see there is a all natural, homemade version of the cheez-it floating out there in the interwebs.  When reading one of my favorite blogs, Cupcakes and Cashmere, I came across this recipe and almost cried tears of joy.  I'm not promising anything on the health front so these should definitely be enjoyed in moderation.  With a little bit of time and planning, I can now enjoy my cheez-it splurge with less fake food guilt.  The fat content will have to be dealt with at the gym.

Here is the recipe in case you want to give this snack time classic a try!

 ~ Joanne


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  2. Hello - love this post. If you could make up or find me a recipe for the oh-so delicious DORITO's that is healthy and CALORIE FREE, I'd be eternally grateful :) Hold the cream cheese if you must.