Wednesday, May 1, 2013

When Life Gives You Brown Bananas... make banana bread!  Monday night I was on a cooking kick.  After my quick out and back trip to San Francisco, Jess's wedding on Friday, then followed by a weekend of more or less purposeful laziness, it was time to assess the food situation, starting with the produce.  David and I both eat lots of fruits and veggies throughout the week but when I am away David tends to fall into the fast food trap (he admitted to a KFC run last night).  This latest bout of his eating out was evident by the pair of brown bananas sitting on our baker's rack.

Since I literally cringe throwing away food (I really need to cancel my membership to the clean plate club), I decided to make some chocolate chip banana bread as a special treat for David.  I've made this before and David has always loved it.  I use the banana bread recipe from the America's Test Kitchen Baking Book but any basic bread recipe will do.  It turned out great and David even had 2 slices Monday night straight out of the oven.  A perfect treat for a rainy Monday night.


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