Tuesday, May 28, 2013

我爱它 (I'm Lovin' It!)

I'm back everybody!!  Sorry for the long hiatus, but apparently in China no blogging allowed...  I know what you are wondering... How was the food?  What was your favorite?  Where did you spend your last meal in China?!?!  Well, let me share with you.  I have a strange obsession when I travel.  It's completely absurd especially since I parade around as being so into good food, but it's an interesting obsession.  When I'm abroad, I am fascinated in what the local McDonalds has to offer.  I want to see how different it is in other countries   I'm not going to lie...I'm a huge fan of the nugget and I will tell you this, they love the nugget around the world.

For my last meal in China, I stopped at the local Mickey Dee's at the airport.  It was the busiest of the different food outlets, a close second was the Popeye's next store.  The only Popeye's I've seen in the U.S. is either on Street Road in Bensalem or right next to Fenway Park.  I counted five, yes FIVE, just in the airport. The most spotted chain food store in China was the Colonel himself and his wee beety eyes (So I Married An Axe Murderer reference for those of you scratching your head), Kentucky Fried Chicken.  People love this man over there, especially the American style potatoes with sauce (mashed tatters and gravy for us here).

I digress.  Back the Mac's.  There were a lot of local items on this menu that I would never find at home.  First of all, happy meals with some nugs and french fries at home is boned chicken wings, side of corn and warm milk in China.  I was most intrigued by this item called the White Burger there.  They had advertised a white burger and a black burger.  As interesting as the black burger looked, I stuck with the white burger.   The black burger was a beef patty, sweet onions, and a sweet and sour sauce.  Having gotten severe food poisoning from a burger at Checkers when I was kid, I cannot get burgers at a fast food restaurant    The white burger was a fried chicken patty, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, and tangy spicy sauce.   It sounds so wrong, but sweet Jesus, it was oh so good.  I won't openly say this was my favorite meal in China but it was definitely up there.
Hong Kong Skyline

I'm so happy to be back home.  As much of an adventure this trip was, there is no place like home! Hope you all had a great memorial day weekend!  Look forward to our recipe reviews tomorrow!

Back home in Boston!

Happy Eating!

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