Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pulled Pork- Jen's Savory Summary

Katie- happy to help!
This past Sunday was my first Sunday Supper including the littlest sister.  I was happy to finally make something for more than two people.  For some reason, I get more enthused when there are more people to cook for.  Also, having Katie here was such a huge help.  This girl loves to help cook.  I even gave her the bad jobs, i.e. taking the pork off the bone and she happily helped!

Dinner for Three!

So let me tell you why I love this recipe.  It all come down to this one sentence: cook for 8 hours.  I was so excited!  This weekend was hell for me.  I have my final tonight for my grad school class and I was just told I'm leaving for Hong Kong on Friday (let the freak out commence).  So the eight hours of non active cook time was a God-send and gave me so much time to just get stuff done.  Also, expect some Chinese food featured in this week's recipe with my impending trip!

Finished Pork with a side of beets!
Onto the recipe...it was super easy even for an non crock pot owner like myself.  Since I didn't have a crock pot I baked this bad boy for 6 hours at 225F.  The slow and low method always results in deliciousness.  I didn't cube my pork either.  This may of been a mistake since Katie had to shred off the pork from the bone after it was cooked.  This recipe resulted in a super delicous, tender, and flavorful pulled pork.  I also loved the fact that it didn't use a store bought BBQ sauce.  Instead you made your own delicious one.  Also, since we are a bread free family we had ours sans bun.  Even then it was still delicious!  Hope you enjoyed as much as we did!

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