Monday, May 20, 2013

We're Baaaaccckkkk
My assessment of our recent blog behavior...
OK well one of us is (Joanne).  The other (Jen) is literally half way around the world in China and Hong Kong making important decisions about important water purification related items.  That was my attempt at even marginally trying to appear to know what my sister does.  Since traveling to Asia isn't an everyday affair but instead requires visas that can only be obtained in New York City and other last minute preparations, we dropped the ball on this week's recipe.  Our apologies.  Or as the Chinese would put it...对不起 (according to google).

To get things back on track, I figured let's roll with this Asian theme and talk about some of our favorite Chinese food.  For all of those foodies out there (I'm talking to you Jen), I am not referring to the authentic Chinese food Jen is probably partaking in right now.  Hold your monkey brains because what I am referring to is Chinese-American food that can be ordered at 4am in New York and comes with a fortune cookie and those deliciously fried noodles and duck sauce.  While there was an 'Asian Fusion' explosion a few years back, I think we are finally coming to our senses.  No, not everything needs a ginger soy glaze nor do we want it wasabi crusted.  Enough already.

Holidays Clinton Kelly General Tsos Chickenjpg
Photo Credit - The Chew
Since after any Chinese meal I have trouble getting my ring off due to 5 lbs of increased water weight, I normally opt for the steamed broccoli and rice.  However, David consistently gets the General Tso's chicken.  The breading and sauce ratio to the chicken is about 15 to 1 but he loves it.  So in an attempt to hopefully maintain this dish's addictive deliciousness while maybe cutting some of the fat and calories, I scoured the internet for a slightly healthier alternative.  And because the internet never lets me down, I found it featured on The Chew.  While I haven't made this yet, I plan to very soon.  This could be a success.  Or we could be calling Chinese Delight after my attempt turns out to be an epic fail.  What's your favorite Chinese food?

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