Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Who are the Supper Sisters?

Joanne in Napa Valley, August 2012
Hi, I'm Joanne, the oldest of three girls, Jen, the other Supper Sister, and Katie our Italy-bound youngest sister still in college.  I currently live outside of Philadelphia with my adorable husband and our needy cat.  Ever heard of a cat hugging someone?  Yea... come visit our house.   
When not spending my days as a tax consultant, I enjoy traveling, good wine (and lots of it), reading, decorating, running, and trying my hand at making delicious meals.  I also pride myself on being a ruthless scrabble player (QI is a word), a college football junkie and a HomeGoods connoisseur.  

I would say I am most passionate about family which in large part is the essence behind this blog.  Because although there may be distance between family and friends, food will connect us whether its getting together over a holiday meal or uniting at the dinner table after a long day.  So while some dishes may turn out bland or burnt, the experience will join us and who knows maybe we'll get some laughs and learn a few things along the way.  I look forward to the adventure! 

Jen in Nantucket, June 2011

Hi, my name is Jen the middle of the sisters.  I am an engineer by day and like to consider myself a fairly talented cook at night.  My husband and I live in Boston. However, we previously lived in Philadelphia.    

I like to consider myself somewhat of a traditionalist.  My kindle gathers dust on the bed stand preferring the musty crinkly feel of a library book.  I have shelves of cook books with recipes I have yet to try so this will be my outlet to expand my taco Tuesdays and mustard pork Mondays at the house.  Weekends are typically where I try to push myself in the kitchen.  I'm shucking some oysters in the picture, my absolute favorite food.

Another large passion I have is dinning out.   Since my husband and I do not have kids (besides our dog Ethel which I'm sure you will hear tons about) we spend our time discovering restaurants.   A lot of my inspiration in the kitchen comes from these dinning out nights.  One thing that is on constant repeat in the household is fried cauliflower, inspired by the same dish at a restaurant called Zahav in Philadelphia. 

I'm very much looking forward to sharing with you my adventures in the kitchen on Sundays.  I hope to inspire you to take the time to enjoy eating with your family and also slow down the pace of your Sundays.  Its a day of relaxation and enjoying the people around you, whether family, friends, strangers.  

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