Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pasta Bolognese - Joanne's Savory Summary

I have to admit I met this recipe with a bit of trepidation.  The instructions looked easy enough.  I even consider myself to be fairly skilled in the chopping department.  But whenever I am charged with the task of cooking a signature Italian dish being nothing short of exactly 0% Italian I get a little nervous. 
Lancaster County Farmers Market, Wayne, PA

I thought I would up my chances of success by using the best ingredients I could find in my area.  My husband and I are lucky enough to live down the road from a fabulous weekly farmer's market.  This market features local meat, farm fresh veggies and other treats attributed to farmers and the Amish of Lancaster County.  

Since I haven't been here more than a handful of times, I scoured the market looking for everything on my ingredient list while my husband ever so appropriately got himself a Dutch pretzel.  Employing Jen's tip, I even requested the veal and pork be ground together.  Unfortunately the pancetta was at a different vendor so I had to manually dice that.  Feeling a bit adventurous, I even bought fresh pasta sheets and was instructed to cut them with scissors to my desired papperdelle width.  I figure its a step towards the full pasta making experience.  However, ever a believer in preparedness, I picked up a package of dry papperdelle pasta from Trader Joe's just in case.  Overall, I thought the food store prep aspect of this recipe was simple.

So as I started the recipe, it seemed to be going seamlessly with the chopping and systematically adding the ingredients until it became a simmering mixture.  Plus, the house smelled wonderful.  I left that to simmer for about an hour and a half.  Towards to the end of the allotted simmering time, I decided to take a stab (pun intended) at cutting those pasta sheets.  Surprisingly the fresh pasta was super easy to work with and I had them pared down into strips of varying widths in no time. 

In case of emergency - break seal
Finally it was time to eat!  One thing I must say is that this being my first time making a Bolognese sauce I did not know what to anticipate thickness wise.  And even when I put it over the pasta it seemed a bit watery.  I think this may have been due to the tomato paste I used since I opted for a tube instead of the standard can.  The look of this tomato paste was definitely different than what I've seen in the past.  The pasta however turned out great!  Just 4 minutes in boiling water and it was a perfect texture.  So despite my concern over what I perceived to be a less than ideally thick sauce, I plated and served the fruits of my Sunday afternoon labor.  I even did a Google image search of the Babbo Bolognese which only heightened my concern.  Note to self: never compare your results with that of professional chefs and their professionally photographed food.   

SS blog 018.JPG
Pasta Sheets

SS blog 022.JPG
Poof! Papperdelle

In the end despite my angst, it was a great dish!  It was flavorful, filling and multi-dimensional.  One bite would showcase the salty, delicious pancetta while another bite would accentuate a garlicky note.  And probably my biggest success was that my husband went for seconds and then even made sure I packed up enough for his lunch on Monday.  Sweet victory from one of the world's most finicky eaters!
The Delicious After!

Overall I would consider this a successful first attempt at this dish and something I will definitely make again.  

Happy cooking!!

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