Friday, January 11, 2013

To Make or Not To Make

"Its Complicated" 
Your first reaction must be: to make what exactly?  As a follow up to our recipe of the week, I am talking about pasta.  Some people would say its a simple act: take some fresh flour, fresh eggs, mix it together, roll it out in sexy Meryl Streep style with Steve Martin by your side (in her case it was croissants but the same doughy concept) and poof, pasta.

In my kitchen there is no sensual way of rolling out pasta.  You won't see me flirtatiously tossing flour or manipulating the dough in a sexy wave pattern.  All you will see is sweat, lots of sweat, forcing the dough into the machine and inevitably pasta breaking.  I have yet to master this art but I am determined to one day!  If I can make a souffle, you would think I could roll out a sheet of dough.  However, you would be wrong. 

Nevertheless, I have been blessed with an amazing local pasta shop in the North End section of Boston, similar to Little Italy in NYC.  Every time I walk into this shop no matter what time of day or night this same woman is rolling out dough or pinching raviolis.  


DePasquale's Homemade Pasta Shoppe

To me, this woman is what sexy is all about. Making food is an art and this woman is a true artist.  Every time producing a long string of papperdelle...its practically orgasmic.  Right now, I leave my pasta making to this fine woman and she never lets me down.  Also, I cut back on unnecessary sweating.

Meryl, if you are around to teach a young apprentice your sensuous dough making ways please give me a call.  I need to know your secret.   

Happy Eating!


For those adventurous ones in the bunch, here is a great recipe for pappardelle


  1. I am excited to see and try the new recipes. I also love hearing your cooking adventures and anecdotes!
    Love and miss you both,
    Jamie Z

  2. Jen, Love your post about making pasta. I have yet to try to make pasta homemade but now I am intrigued! I'm making your pasta dish tonight, Matt and Jess are with us this weekend. Can't wait to see how it turns out, I'll post and let you know. Arevaderci!!!!

    Love, Mom