Monday, January 14, 2013

Culinary Music to My Ears

The Infamous Strawberry Pop-Tart
Cooking is an awakening of the senses.  Not an original concept but one that rings true.  But instead of focusing on the ever popular smell, sight and of course taste, I want to talk about the sounds.  Specifically, to play on the whole awakening aspect, those during the first meal of the day, breakfast.  The sounds I grew accustomed to as a child when heard now as an adult still bring me back. Whenever I hear Bob Dylan's 'Lay Lady Lay' it still reminds me of my Dad climbing the stairs every weekday morning changing the words ever so appropriately as he sung 'Lay Lady Lay, it's time to get up..." as he roused my sisters and I for school.  That then signaled breakfast, usually accompanied by the sound of a strawberry Pop-Tart springing from the toaster.  While this was certainly no culinary feat, the sound of a toaster or that song still bring me back to childhood mornings and breakfasts.

Also reminiscent of my childhood is the sizzle of bacon.  My sister and I spent many weekends at our beloved Mom-Mom's house.  On those special Sunday mornings before our obligatory church visit, the sizzle and pop of bacon would be met with youthful anticipation as Jen and I vied for who would get the first piece.  Still to this day no one can cook bacon like our grandmother.  

Fast forward 20 plus years and I now associate my mornings with my much-earlier-than-I-riser husband and the sounds of him downstairs brewing coffee and chopping an apple for my workday snack.  This is all the while I drudge through my morning routine.  When I finally make it downstairs, I quickly scramble two eggs and out the door I go.

The husband and I at cooking school several years ago
But on the weekends, when our schedules are more relaxed, I like to spend some time returning to my childhood audible delights.  While the Pop-Tarts are now replaced with a more health conscious piece of whole wheat toast, the spring of the toaster reminds me of my dad and his infamous take on Bob Dylan.  The sizzle of bacon pays homage to my late grandmother who continues to shape and influence my life.  And finally the new sound of brewing coffee urges me to be thankful for my husband who takes such good care of his so not a morning person wife.

I'd love to hear what culinary sounds you associate with your morning!

Happy cooking in the not so happy morning!



  1. I don't know if I posted this already or not. Anyway, you know how I adore pop tarts, they are a gift from heaven and it's fantastic to see them represented here. Your wheat toast has nothing on the sugary goodness that is a pop tart, embrace it and I guarantee you a happier AM experience. Guest post from Katie in the future?

    Love the blog so far girls!


  2. I enjoy the weekends and breakfast. Pretending to be sleeping so my husband will start the coffee. Then timing when it is finished and heading downstairs! Drink a few cups then off to breakfast.