Sunday, January 27, 2013

Class is now in session...

hands-on cooking classesWinter is hands down my least favorite season.  In fact if the months of January and February could be eradicated from the calendar it would be a step in the right direction.  So, in the hopes of passing the winter doldrums, my mom and I have enrolled in some local activities.One thing we've committed to doing once or twice a month is taking a cooking class.  Last Tuesday, we attended a class called 'Breakfast for Dinner' at the Kitchen Workshop in Paoli.  The Kitchen Workshop offers classes practically everyday in a variety of areas from knife skills to desserts for an average cost of $59.  In the cooking class realm, that is a very reasonable cost which was only reaffirmed once I realized everything this price included. 

Mom and I on Christmas 2009
The classes at the Kitchen Workshop are hands on instructional workshops where you prepare each dish and then get to eat the results plus there's wine provided throughout to boot!  The instructor, Art Roman, is a former restaurant owner and chef.  His classes are peppered with both his vast knowledge and his great humor.  After looking through the schedule, we decided to pick Breakfast for Dinner since it is the most important and, in my case, favorite meal of the day.  So on a bitter cold Tuesday night we ventured to Paoli after work resisting the urge to go home, put on sweats and veg out in front of our respective TVs.  Well, the effort was certainly worth it. 

On the menu that night was Cardamom-Pear Muffins, Crab and Roasted Red Pepper Strata, Huevo Rancheros, Rosemary-Mustard Sausage and Pecan Praline Bacon all made from scratch.  We went through each recipe step and step.  I learned how to better cut an onion, how to more expertly crack an egg one-handed and what a strata even was (one word: delicious).  I will definitely be making all of these dishes again.  I even got to bring home leftovers for David to try which he loved.  However, the best part was definitely getting to spend time with my mom doing an activity we both enjoy.
Sur La Table logo
Next month we are signing up for a class at Sur La Table.  The subject matter is TBD but I am already looking forward to the night out!

What do you to pass the winter months?

Happy Cooking!


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