Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fig Stuffed Pork Loin - Joanne's Savory Summary

OK let me start this week with a giant disclaimer.  If you are looking for culinary excellence and kitchen grace then you should probably read Jen's Summary.  Her dish looked delicious, expertly stuffed and all around amazing.  If you are looking for a new meaning of flying by the seat of your pants then read on because that's exactly what happened to me this week. 

Not a pork loin
As I mentioned earlier, I am in tax consulting and compliance.  Needless to say this is a very business time of year for those in my profession.  However, I do pride myself on my planning abilities and striking what I think is a great work life balance.  Sunday was an exception to this rule.  Instead of my leisurely approach to my usual Sunday meal, I worked all evening long and broke my husband's heart by ordering a pizza.  Poor guy... just when he was getting used to Sunday supper.

Fig Stuffed/Topped (Tender)Loin
Down but not out I vowed to attempt this week's recipe on Monday which I did albeit the success of this attempt is debatable.  Who knew a pork loin and a pork tenderloin were two different things (everyone raises hand).  Also, who knew that fig jam is startlingly different than fig butter (everyone raises hand).  Did i miss this day in class?  Perhaps.  Discouraged again but not giving up I made what I perceive to be a valient attempt at fig (butter) stuffed pork (tender)loin.  Mr. Keller if you're reading this I apologize wholeheartedly and promise to make it up next time. 

Brings new meaning to 'It still tastes good'
After following the directions to the recipe, I cut my tenderloin length wise and stuffed/poured my figgy topping in and on the tenderloin.  I figured the flavors were there and it would cook up nicely although perhaps not according to the letter of the recipe.  Well it turns out I was right!  What resulted from my improvisation was a delicious and moist tenderloin topped with a yummy fig concoction.  Again, my husband requested a baked potato on the side, hold the leafy green veggies. 

While I definitely bit off more than I could chew this weekend and had to resort to making a simplied version during the week, it was still delicious.  Mission accomplished with a forward looking promise to do better next time.

Happy Eating!

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