Monday, January 14, 2013

They weren't lying... this sh*t is good

So as mentioned before, our youngest sister, Katie, has started her semester in Florence and I was finally able to connect with her on gchat the other day.   Our first conversation started a little like this.

Sometimes just saying "it's good" isn't enough...When Harry Met Sally

Me- Hey! How's Florence, are you loving it over there?!!?

Katie - Yo, just had my first pizza, they weren't lying, this sh*t is good...

Shortly after our conversation, I started to dissect what she said.  First I wondered.. where did she get it?  Was it some tourist trap?  Was she eating pizza a la Pizza Hut or of the traditional Tuscan variety?  What is the Tuscan variety?!?! 

Next I thought about my interaction with pizza... have I ever had a this sh*t is good moment like Katie? So now I present to you... 

The History of Pizza according to Jen!  
(Slightly exaggerated but oh so exciting)
Pizza growing up consisted of a the New York variety, big slice, gooey cheese and doughy crust.  Our go-to place was a local pizza joint named Aldo's, always a family favorite.   We would have delivery pizza and homemade hot wings every Friday night.  


Enter grade school.   We went to a local catholic school which as a incentive to encourage reading had a BookIt! Program.  I am unsure how this program would coexist today with the Michelle Obama Lets Move! campaign.  The general gist of the program was you read a book, you get a star, when you reached five stars BAM! free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut.   I think this is where my love of Pizza Hut began.  To this day, I cannot walk past the entrance of Target without glancing over at the Pizza Hut to Go stand.  Sooo tempting but I resist (most days).

As I've grown up and my taste buds have changed I have elevated my pizza outings.   Boston has quite a pizza scene.  My personal favorite is Regina Pizzeria.  This place was founded in 1926 in the North End.  They serve the traditional Neapolitan style, always well done and a slightly doughy crust.  My toppings have changed from stuffed crust extra cheese to broccoli rabe with ricotta cheese.

But despite all of this pizza eating, I didn't have a "this sh*t is good moment" until I went to a local place called Coppa Enoteca.  The pizza had flecks of garlic, parm cheese, and fresh whole belly clams.  The clams provided a nice burst of saltiness and the crust was so thin that the taste was jammed packed.  I sat back and thought without a doubt this sh*t is good...  

Katie enjoy your pizza I hope you have many more food "oh my god moments" in Italy.  

I'll Have What She's Having...
Happy Eating!

P.S.- To any of those who would like to try their hand at pizza for an at home Oh My God moment, check out this recipe  (It is Tuscan variety in case you were wondering like me, what is that?) 

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  1. Seriously - you dropped bookit in a post and I love you for it. Oh the memories! - Kristen p.s I love what you girls are doing! It's awesome so far!