Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jen's Savory Summary- German Pancake

Marblehead Neck
Our first weekly recipe back was a pretty simple one, which I think was definitely needed.  I didn't even make it on Sunday since my weekend got away from me.  Jason and I spent the weekend exploring more New England places, falling even more in love with our little corner of the United States.  We took a day trip up to Marblehead, which is only 15 miles away for our house.  It is the self proclaimed birth-place of the Navy.  The town itself is all coastline, dotted with gorgeous houses and too many sailboats to count.  I absolutely loved it, it might be a close second to my favorite place, Nantucket.  The short drive definitely makes it more appealing.

All the ingredients ready to go!
This recipe was so unbelievable easy.  I think it is perfect if you are craving pancakes but don't want to babysit a pan constantly flipping batches.  The one tricky part was the brown butter.  I love brown butter, its butter that's living on the edge.  It develops such depth of flavor with nutty undertones, but its right on the edge of being burnt.  If you let it go a bit too long you have a disgusting burnt mess.  I use another recipe that calls for browned butter that is out of this world, grown up rice krispy treats from Flour (recipe here).
Almost browned butter

The rest of the recipe was foolproof, pour batter into brown butter and pop in the oven for 15 minutes.  Now you have 15 minutes to do whatever you please, surf Pinterest for more food ideas, binge watch Pretty Little Liars, my new obsession, and no I am not 15 years old.

Once its done its a beautiful puffed pastry, reminding me almost of a funnel cake.  I drizzled a bit of maple syrup on it.  I'd eat right away since it deflates pretty quickly.  Hope you enjoyed too!

Finished pancake still puffy from the oven! 

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