Friday, August 15, 2014

Bang Bang?

Tomorrow we eat kale
Tonight, Jason and I are heading down to Mansfield, MA to see the Oddball Comedy Festival.  It features a long list of comedians on two different stages, but the person I am most excited for is Louis CK.  I certainly am not as big of fan as my husband.  He religiously watches every one of his Louis episodes on FX.  I am happy he watches every episode because he sends me the best clips from the show.  One of my favorite Louis moments happened this past season when him and his overweight friend are discussing how they are going to start dieting tomorrow, all kale and that stuff, but today they are going to take on a major food challenge, a Bang-Bang.

What is a bang bang?  You eat two different meals right after another, bang-bang.  They are discussing what they want to do for the bang-bang, IHOP sushi?  BBQ Pizza?  The ultimately settle on Indian Diner.  I've been wanting to do a bang-bang since I've seen this episode.  My husband has since seeing this show, him and his brother did Thai Italian.

My ideal bang-bang would be, pizza diner food.  I love a big cheesy slice of pizza, plain is fine for me, followed by a hot open faced roast beef sandwich.  It would be so gluttonous and I probably would need a massive nap when I am done, but what an amazing day!  
Bang Bang

Whats your ideal bang-bang??

Check out the clip here

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