Monday, March 25, 2013

Squash It - Part Two

Last week, I talked about one of my weeknight favorites, spaghetti squash.  Once I discovered this (and ate it about 5,000 times), I decided to expand my squash knowledge and try some different kinds.  As kids, we would have sometimes butternut squash.  On occasion, my mom would bake a butternut squash with brown sugar and the result would be a vegetable side dish that ended up tasting more like dessert.  Perfect for any child wary of her vegetables. 

BakedAcornSquash1_optAs I mentioned, I recently started eating acorn squash after getting into a spaghetti squash rut.  One of the main reasons why I love acorn squash is that you can stuff it with anything you wish and it still seems to taste great.  Acorn squash provides more of vessel for the meal while spaghetti squash is the meal itself.  So for those of you who aren't too keen on just eating squash itself, this may be more up your alley.  Also, still only 116 calories in half an acorn squash!

My stuffing of choice has historically been quinoa with mixed veggies and herbs.  First, I cook some quinoa in a vegetable stock to give it added flavor.  Trust me this makes a huge difference than cooking quinoa in water.  While the quinoa is cooking, I saute some tomatoes, red onion, zuchinni, feta... basically whatever I have on hand... with some herbs in olive oil until just softened.  Once the quinoa is finished I add this to the vegetable mix until everything is heated through.  Preparing acorn squash is the same as a spaghetti squash.  Slice in half, place face down in an inch of water and microwave for 9-11 minutes.  This is a such a simple week night meal and very healthy too! 

Happy Weekday Eating!

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