Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chicken A La King- Jen's Savory Summary

The poaching liquid
I was so tired on Sunday.  Extremely tired.  The night before Joanne and I attempted to be twenty one year olds and have a night out in the big city, NYC.  Needless to say, I had to be talked down from just getting a packaged of Purdue precooked chicken strips and cream of mushroom soup.  I suffered through though.  Let me start by saying, this was a pretty labor intensive recipe.  I was on my feet for hours... chopping, stirring  straining, rolling out dough.  It seemed to never end.   

Chicken poaching away
Poaching the chicken was so incredibly easy and the chicken was so amazingly tender and moist that I will definitely be doing this again.  Plus, it also filled my entire apartment with a warm Thanksgiving-esque scent.  While the chicken was cooling in the liquid, I proceeded to make the biscuits.  Let me preface this by saying I am not a baker by any stretch of the imagine.  This may seem shocking but I am not good at it at all.  I don't understand precise measuring.  I'm a food for love type of person, dash of this or dash of this.  My biscuits turned out okay but quite flat.  However soaked up with the a la king, they were fabulous.  

Back to the Chicken A La King.  I found the rest of the recipe quite easy to follow.  It resulted in a thick and flavorful chicken stew.  I was in heaven pouring it over the biscuits. It instantly warmed you right up and was perfect on a sleepy night watching Girls which is exactly what Jason and I did.  I loved the reinvention of the childhood classic.  I will make again although maybe I'll leave the biscuits to Pillsbury.    

With a side of sauteed sting beans
and caramelized butternut squash

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