Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chicken A La King - Joanne's Savory Summary

I was really really excited to make this meal.  I hate to admit it but I love cream of mushroom soup.  Put it over chicken or egg noodles (or both) and I am in heaven.  However, I never really eat it.  David isn't really a fan and I'm not going to make it for myself.  I was so excited I even came home from a late night out in NYC and a two hour train ride home and still wanted to make this meal.  Little did I know how long it would take me to put this meal together.  But it was oh so worth it...

Uncut dough
I started with the herb biscuits because I considered them the hardest to make.  I ended up being extemely proud of myself for making a good amount of dough which in my limited dough making experience appeared to be a perfect consistency.  Since I didn't have designated biscuit cutters, I grabbed a circular stainless steel 1/4 cup measuring cups which proved to a perfect substitute.  Looking back, I definitely didn't make them thick enough so I made a mental note to not roll the dough out as much next time.

Next I started the chicken.  I had never poached chicken and it turned out to be simplest thing ever.  While my chicken was poaching, the seasoned chef would have started the cream sauce and mushrooms.  And perhaps if I had read the entire recipe through I would have.  Instead, I waited for the entire poaching process to finish then started the cream sauce and then followed by the mushrooms.  Lesson learned.  What I did in two hours could have clearly been cut down to 1, maybe less.  Since I forgot the sherry (I am blaming the late night coupled with the time change) I opted for white wine and it turned out to be a fine substitute.   

Finally after all of my steps were finished (done in painstaking order), I put the biscuits in the oven while my ingredients melded into a delicious blend.  After exactly 17 minutes, they were golden brown and smelled wonderful.  I served the finished product to David and he absolutely loved it.  It was filling and warm.  One drawback is the absolute time drain this was.  To quick transition into a weeknight meal I may revert back to the trusty Campbell's cream of mushroom on occasion (shh don't tell David).

Happy eating! 

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