Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Matzo Ball Soup- Jen's Savory Summary

Hello everyone!  I am enjoying a short week here at work since we have off on Friday! Woohoo!  Also, I've been enjoying a mountain of leftovers from this past Sunday.  Matzo ball soup all around!   I do not know why but I decided to double the recipe.  When I was mixing up the matzo to rest before balling it together, I thought that is definitely not enough.  Boy, was I wrong.

Anyway, back to the beginning of the recipe.  I don't know if many of you recognized it but the beginning of the recipe was identical to the poached chicken from chicken a la king a few weeks back.  When I was making the a la king, I thought wow this chicken is good and it would make a fabulous soup so that's why you see it here in the matzo ball soup recipe.  I made up the matzo first to let it rest for a full four hours.  I opted to get the Manischewitz brand of matzo.  Who knew there were so many different kinds?  I had three at my local grocery store.  I did not use schmaltz  (chicken fat).  I had intentions of trying it but I couldn't get to the butcher for it.  I will save my schmaltz experimentation for another day.

Next I got going on the chicken soup.  It was pretty simple since I just did it two weeks ago.  The chicken was so delicious and tender. When I was shredding it for the soup, I did snack on a bit.  Finally, it was time to make these matzo balls.  I really tried hard to not press the balls so they were light.  This may of been my cause of failure since I may of compressed them too much.  My matzo balls were a bit dense in the middle when finally cooked.  I laid on them on a prepped cookie sheet and got the broth back to a boil.  Next, I plopped those bad boys in and waited for the magic to happen. 

When I went to put the chicken back in with the carrots, they had exploded and actually doubled in size.  This is when I began to question my double the recipe mentality.  I let them simmer for quite some time since I had finished the soup at 4PM, a little early for dinner.  And I figured the longer they simmered the better the soup would be.  I could feel the healing powers of this soup already.  It was so comforting.  I will be enjoying this for many more days...lunch every day this week in fact. Hope you all enjoyed this recipe and now share my love of matzo ball soup!

Happy Eating!

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