Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Ad Hoc Adventure

There is no reason to be
scared of Ad Hoc!
This summer I'm not taking any graduate classes so I needed something to do.  I needed a goal besides my usual go to the gym more, read more books, be intellectual etc.
My goal this summer was to cook things I'm afraid of.  I'm not talking about live snacks or weird stuff like that.  I'm referring to things that I'm afraid to cook for fear of making something disgusting.  What scares me the most? 
It lies in that dreaded Ad Hoc at Home cookbook.  Yes, that cookbook that we attempted to make the fig stuffed pork loin reminiscent of a spewing baby.   

So ladies and gentlemen my goal for the summer was to cook something different from the Ad Hoc cookbook every week, no matter how uncomfortable or fearful I felt.  I've been going strong three weeks now.  I wanted to share one of my favorites that was buried deep in the pages of this frightening book but was surprisingly easy.   Check it out!!

Scallion Potato Pancake
3 lbs of russet potatoes
5 scallions, diced
1/4 cup corn starch
canola oil for frying
salt and pepper to taste

First peel the potatoes and rinse.  Hash-brown your potatoes using a grater ( be careful to not grate fingers as I did). Do this step only moments before frying so they don't turn brown or discolor.   Coat hash-brown potatoes with cornstarch.  Salt the potatoes (I tend to go heavy on the salt...you don't realize how much salt these babies need to have flavor).  Toss in scallions and mix until combined.   Place oil into a pan and heat until just smoking.  Cook potatoes in the oil in a pancake form until golden brown on each side.  

This makes about five large pancakes


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