Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hong Kong --> Boston --> Houston --> Barcelona --> Philadelphia... Whew I'm Exhausted

Boston Strong
Jen and I have had a collective smattering of globe trotting over the past couple of weeks.  Granted (as I say with just a hint of jealousy) I've been covering the domestic portion of our travels.  Still it feels like we are going nonstop with no end is sight.  But as I like to say to myself when I start my belly-aching, get a real problem.  Last weekend, David and I made the trip to Boston to visit Jen, Katie and Jason.  These occasions are so rare when all three of us are together, husbands in tow, that the silliness and incessant picture taking was at an all time high. 

One highlight of the trip, aside from the company itself, was the amazing food we were able to eat all weekend long.  Friday night started at the legendary North End Italian spot, Giacamo's.  The line is literally out the door on any given night so we did the only logical thing, bought adult beverages at the corner store to help pass the wait.  Well let me tell you, we did not wait in vain because this was hands down the best Italian meal I've ever eaten.  I've visited this place before with Jen and Jason but David was equally blown away. 

John Haaaavard
Saturday night's meal was at an open air restaurant near Beacon Hill called the Tip Tap Room.  Unbeknownst to me or David, Boston is known for their steak tips.  Here I thought it was their Sam Adams brews and propensity to drop the 'R' in any and all words (ex: paak the caaa aka park the car).  Once again, the meal was fantastic and perfectly complimented with any of the many beers they had on tap.  Hence the name Tip Tap Room. 

Sunday, I broke new ground by pushing my limits and trying what I affectionately call 'street meat'.  A more accurate description would be that I finally tried, and thoroughly enjoyed in fact, a meal from a food truck.  Every Sunday from April until October, Jen and Jason live one block from the SOWA outdoor market.  While you will find the usual homemade hippy soap and burlap sack paintings, you'll also stumble upon an entire parking lot of dining car selections.  I figured I would start off small and go with a chicken gyro.  This was delicious.  The tzatziki was tangy and the chicken was fresh.  A perfect way to break me in.   

The restaurants, the market, the parks, the clean streets... these are all reasons why I continue to and David has (it was his first time there) truly fallen in love with Boston.  We had an amazing weekend and cannot wait to go up again. 

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