Monday, June 17, 2013


I'm back people! After a nice week long vacation in Spain all I'm thinking about is my next vacation!  I'll write more details on the trip later this week.  It was full of delicious food and wonderful weather (ugh, I want to go back now).  I thought today I'd talk about a favorite past time of my dad's, seeing as Father's Day was yesterday.  I'll start with a bit of back story.

As a kid, I was kind of weird.  I used to like to tape record myself doing impressions and play them over and over again to annoy my sisters.  One of my favorite people to mimic was Jim Carrey.  When I was around ten the movie "The Mask" came out.  I automatically tried to mimic the "Smoking!" tag line to play over and over and over again.  There are probably still tapes of me doing these silly voices.  Now looking back at this creepy picture of Jim Carrey, I wonder how I didn't get nightmares....

What this has to do with my dad is when we were in high school my dad got fascinated with smoked meats.  So much so that he had to get this Big Green Egg smoker thing.  This thing was HUGE!  Katie, my mom, and I had to go drive to pick this thing up.  Poor Katie had to sit in the trunk of our SUV straddling it so it didn't roll and crash.  Many summer nights my dad would strap on his smoking shirt, a green flannel shirt, and smoke up some meats.  Whether it was chicken or pork, it was always delicious.  Except that one year at Christmas where we had the black lung inducing ribs.. but we can forget that one incident....

Hope you all had a 'Smoking!' Father's Day with your dad!


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